About us

We believe business can thrive in the world we have while shaping the world we want.


Our vision and mission.

Our vision is a world in which people thrive in harmony with nature.

We’re under no illusion as to the scale of the transition needed for this to become a reality. But of one thing we’re certain. Companies which embrace this transition head-on will be the most likely to succeed in the years ahead.

Our mission is to equip businesses like yours to do exactly that.

Our story.

Our founders, Dr Geoff Kendall and Dr Tom Bregman, were behind the Future-Fit Business Benchmark — the world’s only open source, science-based methodology designed to give sustainability-seeking companies a destination to aim for.

While the methodology is widely respected — and is being taught in a range of prestigious business schools — even companies with the best intentions struggle to embed it.

Why? Because organisational change is really hard. So Geoff and Tom started Transition Agency to help business leaders make their organisations agile, resilient and innovative enough to tackle the journey ahead.


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