Our unique model is designed to be 
predictable, flexible, and cost effective.

 7 slots remaining for 2024 


 £4,995 per month 

All clients for a minimum of one year 

  • Guided delivery of key projects.
  • On-demand access to a dedicated coach.
  • Fortnightly planning and progress review.
  • Company-wide access to AI-powered tools.


 £2,495 per month 

As long as you wish after first year 

  • Priority support via email.
  • Monthly check-ins with one of our coaches.
  • Quarterly planning and progress review.
  • Company-wide access to AI-powered tools.

Onboarding — building a strong foundation.

Every company's journey is different, so we work with you to get a good sense of where you are today, and then create a clear set of priorities to get you where you need to be.

If you're already doing a lot around sustainability, the focus will likely be to help you overcome overwhelm — reducing the handle turning and fire fighting, so you can spend more time focusing on what really matters, and rediscover the joy of the job.

If you're starting from zero, here's what you can expect to achieve within one year...


Key priorities will have been set, and responsibilities assigned, so that everyone is clear on who is doing what, and why.


Any critical compliance gaps will have been identified, and policies and processes will have been put in place to close them.


Key environmental and social issues will have been identified, and appropriate goals and targets will have been set to address them.


A supplier due diligence process will be in place, enabling you to anticipate, address and wherever possible avoid critical risks.


Key ESG metrics will have been developed, and processes and systems will be in place to measure and monitor them.


Work towards the production and publication of a first sustainability report and/or mandatory ESG disclosures will be well underway.

Frequently asked questions...

How and why is your model different?

The traditional consulting model encourages advisors to maximise their billable hours, so they typically try to do all of the heavy lifting on your behalf. That may sound appealing, but if you don't build up your own institutional expertise you will be forever dependent on expensive external support.

We want to help as many businesses as possible play their part in the transition to a better future — which is why we settled on the idea of an affordable, fixed price service.

Our tools embed decades of expertise, and utilise the latest advances in artificial intelligence, to get you 80% of the way to where you need to be. And our expert coaches are on hand whenever you need, to help you with that final 20%.

This hybrid model enables us to provide a level of insight and advice that most consultants would charge £3,000+ per day for (we know, because some of them have told us), but at a fraction of the cost.

Which subscription is right for me?

The Onboarding subscription is required for all new clients, to ensure you have access to all of the in-depth support you need to get the fundamentals right. When you've developed the internal capacity to maintain the foundations you've put in place, you can switch to the Ongoing subscription.

What types of company is this for?

Our typical clients are business leaders who are feeling overwhelmed by the sustainability agenda, and who don't have large consulting budgets or headcount to spare.

Many medium-sized companies who are only just getting started on the journey fall into this group.

But global corporations with dedicated sustainability teams can also benefit greatly from our approach, as they struggle to stay on top of rapidly changing regulations, reporting requirements, and stakeholder expectations.

Are discounts available?

Yes. We offer discounted pricing for non-profits, and for organisations with less than £5 million turnover. Contact us for details.


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